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Csfull.Forum » Counter-Strike 1.6 » Готовые серверы » Zombie Plaque 4.2 (Zombie Plague 4.2)
Zombie Plaque 4.2
Sasuke777Дата: Среда, 2009-03-11, 7:04 PM | Сообщение # 1
Группа: Удаленные


-Counter Strike 1.6 или Counter Strike : Condition Zero
-модули - Modules: FakeMeta, HamSandwich!
- AmxmodX 1.8.0 илм выше

Описания -

Каждый раунд игроки начинают как люди, снарижаются оружием и гранатами, после этого бегут в укрытие, зная что 1 из них заражён Т-вирусом, и через 10 секунд после начало он становится зомби цель которого заразить как можно больше людей этим смертельным вирусом

Карта очень тёмная. Люди должны использовать гранаты со светом(Smoke Grenage), чтобы осветить их путь и определить любых врагов. Зомби, с другой стороны, имеют ночное видение!

Убивая зомби и зарожая людей вы получаете "ammo pack" Набрав их определёное каличество вы можете купить "Extra Items" за них!

Чума Зомби - модификация стороны сервера Противозабастовки, развитая как Мод AMX X плагинов, которые полностью обновляют игру, превращая игру в интенсивных "Людей против Зомби" опыт выживания.

Игровое меню -

Чтобы открыть меню нажмите клавишу "M"
В меню вы можете выбрать свой зомби класс, купить "Extra Items", сделать "unstuck" и посмотреть помощь по игре (На Английском)
Админ сможет там найти меню для управления игрой не используя консольные команды

-Extra Items: -

Помимо оружия, игроки могут купить следующие вещи:

- Night Vision(Ночное видинье): хорошо видно в темноте, длится 1 раунд.
- T-Virus Antidote(Противоядие): возврощает вас обратно в человека.
- Zombie Madness(Безумие зомби): развивает щит вокруг себя на короткое время.
- Infection Bomb(Инфекционная бомба): зарожает всех в ёё радиусе действия.

HLTV Video -

HLTV Video 1
HLTV Video 2

Сервера с этим модом -


Changelog -

- Version: 4.2 (Feb 11, 2009)
* Merged in beta changes (see below for details on those)
* Fixed small bug regarding the knife forcing code

- Version: 4.1-beta4 (Feb 06, 2009)
* Optimized code and checks for unlimited ammo, custom BP ammo, and bots ammo purchase
* Fixed reloading not working immediately after picking up a weapon with the extra BP ammo hack
* Fixed client prediction issues for high latency players when unlimited clip ammo is enabled
* Fixed server crash "New message started when msg 35 has not been sent yet" when a zombie is forced to switch to the knife and the client has cl_lw set to 0

- Version: 4.1-beta3 (Feb 02, 2009)
* Added CVARs to separately toggle infection special effects (screenfade, particles, etc.)
* Added screen shake to the default infection effects
* Added CVAR to set whether players should see each other's custom flashlights (zp_flash_show_all)
* Added CVAR to toggle the HUD icons on infection, burning, and freeze events (zp_hud_icons)
* Added CVAR to control whether worldspawn-killed players should automatically be respawned (zp_respawn_on_worldspawn_kill)
* Fixed money hiding setting not affecting players who respawn as zombies
* Fixed zombies getting a temporary godmode when a spawn protected human gets infected by a sub-plugin
* Fixed a typo in the Polish translation that caused a string formatting error
* Fixed non-custom nightvision being turned off by CS on some cases when spectating
* Fixed occasional nightvision issues when zp_nvg_give is set to 0 or 2
* Minor corrections

- Version: 4.1-beta2 (Jan 29, 2009)
* Added CVARs to change the amount of Survivors and Nemesis for Plague rounds (zp_plague_nem_number, zp_plague_surv_number)
* Added CVARs to modify the health of Survivors and Nemesis for Plague rounds (zp_plague_nem_hp_multi, zp_plague_surv_hp_multi)
* Added CVAR to change Zombie Madness duration (zp_extra_madness_duration)
* Added CVAR to change Survivor's default weapon (zp_surv_weapon)
* Updated ML with Dutch language
* Fixed zombie class menu showing up even after selecting a class manually sometimes
* Optimized delay code from the default model changing system (now it's flawless)

- Version: 4.1-beta1 (Jan 28, 2009)
* Added CVAR to set a purchase limit for infection bombs per round (zp_extra_infbomb_limit)
* Added CVARs to change base health multipliers for Nemesis and Survivor (zp_nem_base_health, zp_surv_base_health)
* Ambience sounds are now only played during game modes and stopped at round end (to completely avoid past problems with client overflows)
* Fixed enabling/disabling the mod by changing its CVAR after the map had started (it wouldn't properly turn on/off)
* Fixed using a high zp_multi_ratio causing all players to turn into zombies
* Fixed delay code from the default model changing system in order to reduce SVC_BAD when lots of people get infected at once (especially with sub-plugins)

- Version: 4.1 (Oct 25, 2008)
* Added colored messages
* Added customization for Survivor's M249 view model
* Added customization to set the required access to get admin models (ACCESS_FLAG3)
* Added zp_deathmatch 4 setting: players respawn as zombies/humans depending on how balanced the game is
* Added zp_lighting 0 setting: disables the mod's custom map lighting
* Added cvar to prevent the same game mode from being played two consecutive rounds: zp_prevent_consecutive_modes
* Added cvars to toggle admin models for humans and zombies separately
* Added cvars to change leap force, height and cooldown for zombies, nemesis, and survivor separately
* Cvar zp_knockback_ducking can now be given a multiplier for crouching zombies (values of 1 and 0 still mantain the previous functionality)
* Buying additional ammo will no longer waste ammo packs if the player already has full ammo for every weapon
* Zombie Madness can now be bought during the special game modes
* Zombies can no longer buy antidotes on deathmatch when the zp_respawn_after_last_human cvar is disabled and there's only one human left
* Made a bit more optimizations to the code, mostly to repetitive functions
* Added delay before stopping ambience sounds on round start to prevent overflows with many players
* Fixed .mp3 files being incorrectly precached (they're generic resources to HL)

- Version: 4.07 (Oct 01, 2008)
* Added CVARs to set a minimum amount of players required for the gameplay modes
* Added CVAR to stop respawning players when only the last human is left: zp_respawn_after_last_human
* Added CVAR to enable/disable the temporary saving of player's ammo packs and zombie class when they disconnect: zp_stats_save
* Added zp_leap_zombies 3 setting: gives leap to the LAST zombie
* Added logging of admin's Steam ID and IP to the zombieplague.log file
* Added display of ammo packs when spectating somebody
* Fixed a bug that allowed spectators to be respawned
* Fixed "Remember weapon choice" setting not being reset for a new player
* Fixed a bug with the alternate model changing method where the original player model wasn't hid when joining the game and spawning as a zombie

- Version: 4.06 (Sep 09, 2008)
* Added CVAR to control the damage done by Nemesis per hit: zp_nem_damage (250 by default)
* Buying an already owned grenade through the extra items menu will now actually increase the grenade count, rather than waste ammo packs
* Ambience sounds are now correctly played for every mode even when using lengthy songs and should no longer affect other sound events when looping
* Unstuck feature now goes along with the random spawn cvar
* When buying additional ammo the correct HUD icons are now displayed (i.e. 9mm, 50ae, etc)
* Replaced the fake bombsite to force round ending with a fake hostage, thus getting rid of an expensive bomb removal code
* Made some additional code optimizations to reduce CPU usage and such

- Version: 4.05 (Sep 01, 2008)
* Added CVAR to set humans/spectators custom nightvision color
* Added CVAR to enable respawning players who commited suicide (this may be abused, mind you)
* Added natives to force players to turn into zombies/humans (infection rounds only)
* Added customization for zombie knife hit/stab sounds
* Added customization for human knife model (just because changing it with 3rd party plugins wouldn't work properly)
* Players are now forced "cl_minmodels 0" when they join so that they can see zombies correctly
* Ambience sounds from the previous round are now stopped when a new one begins
* Corrected a bit the help MOTD (wasn't updated since 3.6 ;P)
* Fixed incorrect weapon models showing up when turning into a survivor with a grenade on hand
* Fixed an exploit with the custom flashlight that allowed for unlimited batteries
* Fixed possible bugs when players switched to Spectator using the ZP menu
* Fixed round end event getting called twice sometimes when restarting the game
* Fixed first spawn not being detected for the first CZ bot that is created
* Minor fixes and optimizations...
* 4.05b: Fixed custom human knife model not being precached
* 4.05c: Fixed a stupid typo in the nightvision code which caused clients to be kicked

- Version: 4.04 (Aug 25, 2008)
* Added custom leap system (allows changing force, height, and cooldown)
* Added CVAR to remove dropped weapons from the floor
* Added CVAR to set custom hitzones for zombies
* Added CVAR to disable custom admin models
* Ambience sounds now support different sounds for each game mode
* Optimized bandwidth usage for temp entity messages
* Fixed blood coming out of players even when the attack was blocked

- Version: 4.03 (Aug 20, 2008)
* Added CVAR to set the infection ratio in Plague Mode
* Added CVAR to prevent players from killing themselves
* Added CVAR to set a max distance for knockback
* Fixed flares occasionally going off as smoke grenades when using Nade Modes
* Fixed a bug in Plague Mode regarding Survivor/Nemesis not turning completely into a zombie/human when chosen to keep the round going after the last player on the opposite team leaves
* Fixed money sometimes still displaying on HUD when the money remove setting is enabled
* Cleaned up the code a bit

- Version: 4.02 (Aug 16, 2008)
* Custom grenades are now compatible with Nade Modes
* Ambience sounds now stop playing when the map ends (by request)
* Added CVAR to turn silent footsteps for zombies on/off
* Fixed knockback not being affected by zombie class multipliers
* Fixed custom knife model not showing up when zombies are forced to use the knife
* Additional minor fixes

- Version: 4.01 (Aug 14, 2008)
* Added support for admin zombie models
* Added cvar for humans not to get infected if they have armor
* Added customizaton for zombie knife miss sounds
* Added chat command /unstuck (by request)
* Minor fixes on menu codes
* DEBUG: Added define to enable/disable setting the modelindex offset

- Version: 4.00 (Aug 09, 2008)
* Added new gameplay mode: Plague Mode
* Redid buy menu system, added feature to remember weapons choice
* Redid zombie classes system, added support for external additions (e.g. new classes)
* Redid extra items system, added support for external additions (e.g. custom items)
* Survivor can now have its own model
* Added cvars to set how many frags players get for infections/kills
* Added additional ML translations
* Changed a bit the model changing method
* Fixed round win sounds not being precached
* Fixed players being able to move before freezetime end

- Version: 3.62 (Jul 28, 2008)
* Added an option to the Game Menu to join the Spectators team
* Added cvar to disable zombies night vision and the automatic turn on: zp_nvg_give
* Added zp_flare_color 5 setting: randomly chooses between red, green, and blue colors only
* Added cvars to disable the halos (light auras) of Nemesis/Survivor
* Added cvars to set whether Nemesis/Survivor should also be rewarded ammo packs
* Added cvar to set whether to block +use on pushables to prevent the speed bug
* Added a little smoke sprite when people stop burning
* Added 2 more natives for the making of sub-plugins
* Corrected a cvar name: "zp_lightning" should be "zp_lighting" (duh...)

- Version: 3.61 (Jul 20, 2008)
* Added command to enable/disable the plugin: zp_toggle <1/0>
* Added CVAR to disable the custom buy menus: zp_buy_custom
* Added CVAR to set a slowdown on burning zombies: zp_fire_slowdown
* Added some HUD icons for burning, frozen and infected events
* Fixed a typo in the extra items purchase code for bots (also, they will no longer get extra items if disabled by cvar)
* Fixed false spawn detection for bots when they join the game (credits to vittu)

- Version: 3.60 (Jul 15, 2008)
* Added a few natives and forwards, along with an include file for those out there willing to make any sub-plugins or something (if you need more, just request!)
* Thunderclaps now available for zp_lightning settings a to d
* Added CVARs to disable extra items separately (e.g. infection bomb, etc.)
* When a Nemesis/Survivor disconnects, the random player chosen to keep the game going will now be a Nemesis/Survivor too (instead of the round going on as infection mode, which looked sorta confusing)
* Bots now buy extra items after respawn instead of during a fight
* PODBots: Survivor bots now able to repick weapons in case they drop the M249 (more like a temporary fix)
* Improved a bit some repetitive tasks handling
* Minor changes and fixes

- Version: 3.59 (Jul 02, 2008)
* Zombie models can now be assigned to each class separately
* Bots can now buy extra items, PODBots use nightvision correctly and don't get confused with players respawning on deathmatch mode anymore
* Players can now correctly join during survivor/swarm rounds (they'll automatically spawn as zombies if they shall)
* Added CVAR to give longjump to first zombie: zp_zombie_first_leap
* Added CVAR to change time before respawning on deathmatch mode: zp_spawn_delay
* Added CVAR to change fire grenade's burning damage: zp_fire_damage
* Added CVAR to change flare's lightning radius: zp_flare_size
* Fixed players not respawning as zombies when the corresponding deathmatch setting was enabled
* Fixed multiple infection mode triggering when it would result on a single zombie being infected
* Fixed flares floating midair
* Fixed the most rare occurrences of players stacking on a single team, so that no manual game restarts are required anymore
* Fixed players getting an incorrect amount of ammo for some weapons when buying
* Changed say command "menu" to "zpmenu" (it can still be accessed by pressing M anyway)
* Minor changes/corrections

- Version: 3.58 (Jun 23, 2008)
* Added support for Condition-Zero bots and changed bomb removal method (thus hopefully fixing all related crashing errors)
* Fixed grenades exploding when dropped from corpses on CZ
* Fixed zombie bleeding feature using incorrect decals on CZ
* Added additional knockback customization (you can now set intensity for each weapon separately)
* Added CVAR for zombies not to be knocked back when they're ducking: zp_knockback_ducking
* Fixed HUD Messages overlapping with some miscstats announcements

- Version: 3.57 (Jun 20, 2008)
* Added support for PODBot MM V3B19k+: bots buy their own weapons/ammo and choose their zombie class (thanks KWo)
* Added support for grenades and pistols to the Extra Items Weapons List
* Added a notice for players when the last zombie/human leaves
* Fixed flares potentially turning into smokegrenades when changing their duration
* Infection Bomb can now kill the last human
* Minor changes to the code

- Version: 3.56 (Jun 13, 2008)
* Added support for ambience sounds
* Added CVAR to control whether player's money should be removed: zp_remove_money
* Added CVAR to ignore Nemesis/Survivor frags: zp_nem_ignore_frags/zp_surv_ignore_frags
* Added CVAR to give the last human an extra health reward: zp_human_last_extrahp
* Fixed compiler error when trying to use the alternative model changing method.
* Fixed zombieplague.log entries being formatted somewhat incorrectly.

-Version: 3.55 (Jun 09, 2008)
* Public release.

Дополнительно -

Zombie map pack by bmann_420
Zombie models pack by ecua
Zombie Nemesis models by ecua

Скачать -


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